everywordmeansLove (everywordmeans) wrote,

I really REALLY have this crazy but intense urge to close this journal and begin a new one.
"Things have come to a pretty pass" -as the song goes, and...
this journal no longer represents me or who I am or what I want to be. SO....

Who's on board if I create a new journal?

"Everywordmeans" has been up for so long, I almost hate to part with it, but it's really long overdue that I shed this mental skin and begin afresh. It feels dead and fetid in here all of a sudden to me, and I can't bear it. I need to reactualize and affirm myself forward.
This is not just a journal change to me, but a life change.
I'll try and be more honest and open about my emotional self in the new version, instead of just posting fluff and entertainment all the time.
I have a good idea who I'll trade over and add to the new journal, but there are some which I'm not sure of. A lot of my friendslist consists of people who A) don't really even know me, or B) I don't have a good sense of them, and keep them on out of laziness, mostly.

I have a good idea of a name already (I claimed it a couple days ago)...
but I might still decide on something more apt than what I've already snagged from the LJ username availability pool.
Whattya think of averiguar?
It's a spanish verb:
to find out, ascertain
to inquire into, investigate
to verify, check
to guess
But anyway.... whatever I decide,...
It is decreed.
Now onward. But how? :)
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